social service

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social service

1. Organized efforts to advance human welfare; social work.
2. A service, such as counseling or health care, provided by a government or by a charitable organization to advance human welfare, especially for disadvantaged people.

so′cial serv′ice

Often, social services. organized welfare efforts carried on under professional auspices by trained personnel.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: service - an organized activity to improve the condition of disadvantaged people in society
work - activity directed toward making or doing something; "she checked several points needing further work"
social work - any of various services designed to aid the poor and aged and to increase the welfare of children
casework - close sociological study of a maladjusted person or family for diagnosis and treatment
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It is nothing less than the high-speed tool of civilization, gearing up the whole mechanism to more effective social service.
Ministry of Social Development of Kyrgyzstan and UNICEF discussed joint activities on further improvement of system of social service commissioning, the press service of the Ministry said on August 12.
The training session focused on the relationship of social service development with social policy and social change, and the methodological and practical differences between social service and care.
The training session focused on the concepts of social service and the place they occupy compared to other sciences, the relationship of social service development with social policy and social change, and the methodological and practical differences between social service and care and the prospects for the applications of modern technology in this context.
This book is an attempt to "demythologize" a content area that is both essential for professional social service practitioners, yet dreaded by some of the most experienced among them.
ensure the co-ordination of community services provided by multi-service agencies with those services offered by hospitals, long-term care facilities, mental health services, health care professionals and social service agencies, and to promote a continuum of health and social services.
Towey claimed that the "so-called advocates of the poor have denied them [religious social service providers] access to programs .
More than 250 local social service groups also help the needy, including MEND - Meet Each Need with Dignity - the Valley's largest nonprofit poverty-relief agency.
But where Symons, 39, and Rogers, 40, found help adopting their two sons might be the most controversial part of their story--the social service agency of the Roman Catholic Church.
However, a book was needed that could instill not only confidence in what social workers do, but also provide broad guidelines and suggestions useful for social service delivery to diverse populations with AIDS.
This article describes findings from SHPPS 2000 about state- and district-level policies and practices related to the following mental health and social service issues: organization, staffing, and facilities; required services; SBHCs and services provided at other sites; professional preparation; collaboration; and evaluation.
A significant number" of women involved in prostitution at massage services are Asian, while those who work for escort services are usually white, police and social service providers told the report's authors.

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