social status

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: status - position in a social hierarchy; "the British are more aware of social status than Americans are"
status, position - the relative position or standing of things or especially persons in a society; "he had the status of a minor"; "the novel attained the status of a classic"; "atheists do not enjoy a favorable position in American life"
station, place - proper or designated social situation; "he overstepped his place"; "the responsibilities of a man in his station"; "married above her station"
quality - high social status; "a man of quality"
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Yet, comprehending as I did, differences of years, of social status, and so forth (here I could scarcely help smiling), I was not anxious to bring about further scenes by going personally to demand or to request satisfaction of the Baron.
I mean in knowledge and skill; not in social status, for our medical men are most of them connected with respectable townspeople here.
They affected to ignore her as of an inferior social status to themselves, and she despised their light talk.
He could not quite determine the social status of this strange creature; but he knew that he did not relish the easy assurance with which the fellow presumed to dictate when he might take possession of the prisoner.
The good fellow had quite forgotten my social status, about which he himself had been so particular at our earliest interview; but he had never accustomed himself to treat me as a gentleman, and I do not suppose he had been improving his memory by the tall tumbler which I saw him poke behind a photograph as we entered.
If a man, who is the stronger, tramples on a woman, who is weaker, by force or social status, he should face stern punishment regardless of what type of violence it is, what their relationship is, and what social status the offender holds," he said.
The delegation comprising of Chairperson Khawar Mumtaz, Secretary Samina A Hasan and Director, Programmes Suleman Shah discussed women's social status and violence against women, bill on transgender persons, a press release said.
In this novel about belonging and ever-shifting social status, Diksha Basu's words are filled with warmth and humor.
According to a study published in the journal eLife, the team set out to investigate the link between male social status and the quality of sperm in chinook salmon.
Such event will be made an annual feature, and next year an international conference will be organized to construct and disseminate knowledge so as to enhance respect and social status of females, he added.
com)-- Social Status Marketing, a Springfield-based digital marketing company, announced today that it had purchased the area's Metro Woman Magazine, and plans to offer advertisers added value with social, web, and digital advertising support and expand its physical reach to Branson.