interested in or concerned with social conditions or the welfare of society.
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The civic and social-minded group encourages women of all ages and backgrounds to attend.
Inside there's this unbelievably kind, generous, social-minded person, but he's a cranky, whingey fecker.
(PTWDD), was a logical and social-minded extension of their years-long quest to find and design affordable assistive devices for Philip.
Achieving a transition toward more social-minded investment practises, the regional financial institutions will need to come up with creative solutions to overcome these challenges, while the GCC governments contemplate on the most effective way to capitalise on impact investing to generate returns.
"This is a social-minded law that aims to protect citizens' sleep, without, God-forbid, harming anyone's religious faith," legislator Motti Yogev, one of the bill's sponsors, said during a debate punctuated by shouting matches between the bill's backers and detractors.
Ello Mobile currently donates its entire profit to social-minded and non-profit charity projects.
In addition, the site makes a new directory of Canadian social enterprises available to entrepreneurs looking to find companies that support social-minded products and services.
But the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant poached execs from social-minded Burberry and Nike in recent months, suggesting changes could be in the works.
No word has made it's way down the property gossip grapevine as to the social-minded, super-producer Skoll's plans for the property but, at the very least, this property gossip would expect the installation of heavy-duty and state-of-the-art security fortifications.
Known as the "bow-tie coalition" because of the premier's necktie fetish, the government has cut the budget by 22 billion euros but largely stuck to social-minded policies, avoiding the drastic austerity in vogue elsewhere in Europe.
This growing group of social-minded entrepreneurs believe their for-profit, start-up business model might just be the answer.
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