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Noun1.socialiser - a person who takes part in social activities
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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C'est egalement une excellente occasion de socialiser et de gouter a la grande variete offerte par notre pays.
La mission de l'ecole est d'aider l'enfant a se socialiser, a vivre ensemble avec des valeurs civilisationnels et pratiquer sa citoyennete.
Pendant deux semaines en aout, des centaines de passionnes du Canada et des Etats Unis se sont reunis pour camper, socialiser, et faire des canots de course.
He's not much of a socialiser is our Marley - he'd rather be at home playing with his joystick.
Michael has a large circle of friends, many of them girls, and is a big socialiser.
With a son in the US and a daughter in Pakistan, Musharraf was unrestrained by the same family pressures as other men his age, and he was more of an evening socialiser than his wife.
Les femmes aux positions de responsabilite constituent en soit un element tres important pour socialiser les generations montantes et sont susceptibles de constituer des modeles pour les petites filles.
Ces jeunes n'avaient plus de problemes d'expression, de communication, de reconnaissance des visages ou pour socialiser, ce qui caracterise l'autisme.
Des le premier chapitre, Perreault explique que ces differences renvoient non seulement a la necessite de socialiser filles et garcons en fonction de leur sexe, mais aussi a la mission des deux communautes.
This book aptly traces the way in which the 'hunting, shooting, fishing' parson and socialiser of the Georgian age mutated into the sober Victorian parish priest, and the former's country-gentry-type residence in the normal Georgian manner changed into the model of the respectable and cosy Victorian gothic home of the later 19th century and beyond.
Dave was a terrific professional and a great socialiser, although he always knew when to knock it on the head well before Saturday afternoon.
I loved training," explains Francome, "but I'm not a socialiser and I couldn't say to an owner, 'Give me three hundred grand to spend on a horse', when the chances of it giving a return are next to nothing.