socialized medicine

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so·cial·ized medicine

A government-regulated system for providing health care for all by means of subsidies derived from taxation.

so′cialized med′icine

any of various systems to provide a nation with complete medical care through government subsidization and regularization of medical and health services.
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We do not want our taxes raised to build more hospitals, we want criminals off of our streets, and we do not want socialized medicine (I should clarify that we Canadians love our socialized medicine).
Many doctors are refusing to play along and intend to quit the profession rather than be controlled by socialized medicine, which the Affordable Care Act is.
Many have already said the VA (Veterans Administration) system is in truth pure socialized medicine and the VA scandals show the reason behind so many people having been so highly motivated for such a long-time to combat Obamacare.
Within the White House, considerable angst attended the President's decision to favor a universal health insurance mandate rather than a single-payer system of socialized medicine.
With socialized medicine doctors and hospitals are employed by the government.
This work presents 25 patient stories and case histories offering insight on three contrasting healthcare systems: the single-payer socialized medicine model of Scandinavia; the government-legislated Statutory Health Insurance system of Germany; and the variety of public and private health care providers in the US.
You will now decide whether or not you are going to be a Government employee and practice socialized medicine.
Right--you want socialized medicine, that's what you want," Bachmann told the 33-year-old Goldberg, who with his parents lives off about $20,000 a year they make from their family-owned furniture shop.
It is often said that doctors in nations with socialized medicine make only about half as much as American doctors, and their populations are just as healthy.
Rick Perry has proved he will keep coming at his rivals hard, and today in a speech at the Iowa Credit Union League he added another data point: "The model for socialized medicine has been tried before - whether it was in western Europe or in Massachusetts.
The progressive dream of universal healthcare won't die at the Supreme Court, and the next time around, advocates of socialized medicine may insist on single-payer and public ownership from the start.
Berwick has also spoken and written extensively on health care, and his admiration for socialized medicine is clear and unequivocal.