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Adv.1.socioeconomically - with respect to socioeconomic factors; "they are far apart socioeconomically"
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Volunteer dentists and dental assistants will donate more than 70 hours and $3,000 of dental care to patients from socioeconomically disadvantaged populations in the Tri-County area.
The investigators acknowledge that the findings will need to be replicated in more ethnically, racially and socioeconomically diverse populations, as well as in other nations aside from China.
Texas K-12 districts are uniquely challenged with evolving requirements, a growing ethnically and socioeconomically diverse student population, and significant gaps in educators' capabilities to use data effectively.
The fact is that the majority of new converts in Sindh are young women or minor girls from socioeconomically vulnerable Hindu families.
Creating a more socioeconomically diverse pipeline for consulting (Sponsored by BCG)
Religious studies and other scholars from Canada, Germany, and Australia explore the social, cultural, economic, and political factors impacting youth and their identities, looking at youth identity formation in terms of religion, spirituality, and non-religion, including the influences of religion on premarital sex, as well as generational differences between nonreligious parents and teens; the experiences and contexts of minority youth, including religious minorities like Muslims, Chinese Canadian evangelicals, and socioeconomically disadvantaged youth; and the role of agency, ambivalence, and adaptation in the religious identity of youth.
Jordan, he added, had politically and socioeconomically pioneered at the regional level despite modest resources and potential.
In Pakistan, women are more vulnerable to depression due to uncertainties about the future being less socioeconomically stable than men.
Advancements in technology and agriculture have improved living conditions for some but also made it possible for others to be thrust downwards socioeconomically. Author Claire Eamer points out one of the side effects of civilization that has slid to the back burner and could have serious repercussions if left unchecked.
"This modest beneficial effect was consistent across diverse intervention modalities in a large, racially and socioeconomically diverse U.S.
While some socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods may have reasonable geographic proximity to retail food outlets, the products may not be affordable to these populations, creating what have been termed "food mirages" (Breyer and Voss-Andreae 2013; Wiebe et al.