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Adv.1.sociolinguistically - with respect to sociolinguistics; "sociolinguistically fascinating"
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Repertoire, contextualization, and footing: we now have the theoretical framework to enable us to understand Catholic school educational prayer sociolinguistically. In what follows, I provide some illustrative data of educational prayers in a contemporary Catholic school in hopes of demonstrating the social properties of its enactment.
A sociolinguistically based, empirically researched pronunciation syllabus for English as an international language.
The multilinguality among the Nubians is sociolinguistically significant; it is not always the case that language planning and implementation from the top makes subordinate and determines language choice, shift, attrition, death, practice, etc among a group of people, especially a minority.
In Massumi's terms, the scene makes visible the difference between, on the one hand, privately and cognitively experienced emotions, sociolinguistically qualified and "indexfed] to conventional meanings," and, on the other, "the strength" (2002, 28, 24) of the silence's effect on the body as unqualified intensity.
On the other hand, the publications mentioned above demonstrate that (a) word-formation strategies preferred by different sociolinguistically determined groups of language speakers precondition the easiness/difficulty with which the meaning of a new complex word is interpreted/predicted, and (b) that the selection of a particular word-formation strategy can have either meaning-predictability-boosting or meaning-predictability-reducing effects (Stekauer 2005a)
En A History of Afro-Hispanic Language Lipski lo documenta ampliamente en las recreaciones literarias de variedades afro-hispanicas, y lo define como "spelling alterations meant to suggest ethnic or sociolinguistically marked speech, whether or not an actual change in pronunciation would result" (61, n.
Students seek out those who are sociolinguistically the same as they are.
When compared to adult populations, children are "less metalinguistically and sociolinguistically aware (Harley, 1986; Scarcella & Higa, 1981).
Similarly, a policy which defines both Gaelic and English as common languages of the same territory will fail to gain traction, both for practical reasons (most Gaelic speakers nowadays are English-dominant bilinguals, and the remaining Gaelic-dominant bilinguals are sociolinguistically conditioned to switch to English in official domains), and on language-political principle (a good language policy should not place languages in competition with each other, but rather should give each language its own job to perform well).
What can you find on YouTube, that's sociolinguistically interesting?: A look at the plural marking in the Virgin Islands Creole on St.