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 (sō′sē-ō-lĭng-gwĭs′tĭks, -shē-)
n. (used with a sing. verb)
The study of language and linguistic behavior as influenced by social and cultural factors.

so′ci·o·lin′guist n.
so′ci·o·lin·guis′tic adj.


(Linguistics) (functioning as singular) the study of language in relation to its social context
ˌsocioˈlinguist n
ˌsociolinˈguistic adj


(ˌsoʊ si oʊ lɪŋˈgwɪs tɪks, ˌsoʊ ʃi-)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
the study of language as it functions in society; study of the interaction between linguistic and social variables.
so`ci•o•lin′guist, n.
so`ci•o•lin•guis′tic, adj.


The study of the relationship between language and society.
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Noun1.sociolinguistics - the study of language in relation to its sociocultural context
linguistics - the scientific study of language


[ˌsəʊsɪəʊlɪŋˈgwɪstɪks] NSINGsociolingüística f
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