sock away

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sock 1

1. A garment that covers the foot and part of the leg usually made of cotton or wool and worn for warmth or for protection from abrasion from a shoe or boot.
2. Meteorology A windsock.
a. A light shoe worn by comic actors in ancient Greek and Roman plays.
b. Comic drama; comedy: "He ... knew all niceties of the sock and buskin" (Byron).
tr.v. socked, sock·ing, socks
To provide with socks.
Phrasal Verbs:
sock away Informal
To put (money) away in a safe place for future use.
sock in
To cause to be closed to traffic, as by reducing visibility or physically impeding passage: fog that socked in the airport; ice that socked in the harbor.

[Middle English socke, from Old English socc, a kind of light shoe, from Latin soccus, possibly from Greek sunkhis, sukkhos, Phrygian shoe.]

sock 2

v. socked, sock·ing, socks
To hit or strike forcefully; punch.
To deliver a blow.
A hard blow or punch.
sock it to (someone) Slang
To deliver a forceful comment, reprimand, or physical blow to someone else.

[Origin unknown.]
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sock away

(tr) informal US and Canadian and NZ to save up
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sock away

Informal. To place (money) in a bank:
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The following table shows how many years it will take you to reach millionaire status based on how much you can sock away each month and what annualized rate of return you earn.
Thelen adds a harness buoy to his rigging when side-drifting, to get the sock away from the boat and improve its performance by reducing the angle at which the lead enters the water.
Starting to sock away even a small percentage of their paycheck now can pay serious dividends down the road."
You know, the one that says we should all spend no more than 50 percent of our income on necessities,~allow 30 percent for discretionary items and sock away at least 20 percent for savings?~Hoping for better results in 2018, right?
The University of Oregon's Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art has received a gift of $2 million to sock away and then tap each year for interest earnings.
As New Hampshire considers how much money to sock away in the state's rainy day fund, it is important to remember that storm clouds are gathering for some of New Hampshire's most vulnerable elders.
Well, imagine this; If you only sock away money for 40 years (aka starting when you are 30), you'll need to save $3,500 a year to get that same cool mil by 70.
This is despite repeated and widely reported advice from the financial services industry for us to sock away a minimum of three months' worth of emergency savings.
Are they seeking to sock away bigger pension contributions as a business owner?
A first-of-its-kind multistate savings contest is headed for credit union members in Michigan, Nebraska and Connecticut as part of a program CU Solutions Group said has helped members sock away more than $94 million.
To make that up, she'd have to increase the savings level by 4% and sock away 10% per year for the next 35 years.
Augustus Jr.'s plan to sock away most of the $4.6 million in so-called "free cash'' that was generated by the city last fiscal year rather than using it to fund programs and services this year.