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or sock·dol·o·ger  (sŏk-dŏl′ə-jər)
n. Slang
1. A conclusive blow or remark.
2. Something outstanding.

[Origin unknown.]


(sɒkˈdɒl ə dʒər)

n. Older Slang.
1. something unusually large, etc.
2. a decisive reply, argument, etc.
3. a heavy, finishing blow.
[1820–30, Amer.; sock2 + -dolager, of uncertain orig.]
References in classic literature ?
bumble-umble-um-bum-bum- bum-bum -- and the thunder would go rumbling and grumbling away, and quit -- and then RIP comes an- other flash and another sockdolager.
because you're approaching one of the rapids that would make the World River Rapids Hall of Fame if there were such a thing: Sockdolager, Upset, Lava Falls.
Before reaching the canyon's only permanent settlement at Phantom Ranch, we threaded our way through the boulder gardens of Hance, Sockdolager and Grapevine, rapids that filled Powell's men with dread.