sod house

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sod′ house′

a house built of strips of sod, laid like brickwork, and used esp. by settlers on the Great Plains.
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Noun1.sod house - a house built of sod or adobe laid in horizontal coursessod house - a house built of sod or adobe laid in horizontal courses
house - a dwelling that serves as living quarters for one or more families; "he has a house on Cape Cod"; "she felt she had to get out of the house"
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Our neighbours lived in sod houses and dugouts--comfortable, but not very roomy.
As waves of gunfire rained down, Prossoff hid under his wooden house with his wife, and Nick found refuge in a sod house close by.
The Woman Without a Voice: Pioneering in Dugout, Sod House, and Homestead.
With "The Woman Without a Voice: Pioneering in Dugout, Sod House and Homestead", author Louise Farmer Smith sets her readers squarely by the side of the woman on the wagon bench and vividly recreates the turmoil, excitement, and trepidation pioneer women experienced as they moved into the unknown.
Peter Dawson and his graduate students at the University of Calgary, including Fort Conger, a Thule whalebone house, a semi-subterranean sod house, and the archaeological site of Arvia'juaq.
In time, the shingle roof on the sod house was complete, and the windows and door were in place.
Family members Colin Cavalier, 60, of Sod House Green in Halifax, Ashley Cavalier, 31, of Hubberton Green in Sowerby Bridge, Nathan Cavalier, 34, of Milk Hall in Barkisland appeared at Kirklees Magistrates' Court yesterday.
Although Silver's scenes--from the hardship and desperation of a family living in an Oklahoma sod house to the California logging camps to artists' parties in San Francisco--are evocative and beautifully written, Silver doesn't capture personal emotion as well.
I have slept beneath the canopy of heaven with a Randolph header for a couch and have arose at three o'clock in the morning, tore out the side of a sod house for kindling, walked three miles and started a fire in the dearest engine this side of the Mississippi.
The projects are actually quite practical (the sod house is made with brownies, pretzels and green food coloring) and look like fun.
Raised in a sod house on a cattle ranch near Buffalo, S.
My mother was born and raised in a sod house and my early childhood was spent on a small farm in South Dakota.