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Relating to or containing sodium.


1. (Chemistry) of or relating to sodium
2. (Chemistry) containing sodium
ˌsoˈdicity n


(ˈsoʊ dɪk)

pertaining to or containing sodium.
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Located in the heart of Sodic West, Forty West is recognized for its outstanding design set on a vibrant 2,500 square metre piazza, making it a truly unique destination.
Supported by a strong financial position, SODIC continues to pursue viable land opportunities with the aim of further growing its land bank and diversifying its product offering," he explained.
The signing comes following a protocol agreement that is already in place between Sodic, Holding Company for Water and Wastewater, Cairo Governorate, the GIZ and under the auspices of The Egyptian Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development, according to Trade Arabia.
Minerva is excited to continue working with SODIC in Egypt to launch next generation, personalized video services," said Marco Bonomi, Regional VP of Sales at Minerva.
Sodic West boasts 6,000 residents and can accommodate up to 60,000 people, and offers a range of residential, commercial and retail spaces to cater to the needs of its inhabitants.
2]O) is a typical amendment used for sodic soil as it can readily dissolve to provide a source of exchangeable [Ca.
Changes in soil physical properties and crop root growth in dense sodic subsoil following incorporation of organic amendments.
The Investment Bank's NPAT would be flat year-on-year at EGP 49 million in Q2 2015, if the one-off gain generated by the SODIC stake sale were excluded from Q2 2014 net profits, a strong performance in light of the very difficult capital market conditions across all operating markets.
SODIC managing director Ahmed Badrawi told Reuters last month that two-thirds of the money raised would be invested in a new project in the upscale Cairo area of Heliopolis.
Sodic, also known as Sixth of October Development and Investment Co, said in a statement it had managed to cover 99.
9% holding in SODIC to an undisclosed buyer, reducing its interest in the company to 4.
SODIC is keen to help regenerate Egypt's slums, a sentiment reflected at length on its website, under the heading AaeIntegrated Community