sodium pump

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so′dium pump`

an energy-consuming mechanism in cell membranes that transports sodium ions across the membrane, in exchange for potassium ions or other substances.
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Tenders are invited for Sodium Pump Speed Measurement Sensor
To see how the mechanism of hearing resembles a battery, you need to know that the auditory system of the fruit fly contains a protein that functions as a sodium/potassium pump, often called the sodium pump for short, and is highly expressed in a specialized support cell called the scolopale cell.
In vivo and in vitro sodium pump activity in subjects with thyrotoxic periodic paralysis.
The primary sodium circuit with two pumps and four IHX (Intermediate Heat Exchanger) is contained within the reactor assembly and the secondary sodium circuit consists of 2 identical loops each with a sodium pump and four Steam Generators (SG).
pump, that has been characterized at the cellular and molecular level and the second sodium pump that actively transports [Na.
ATPase (NKA), also called a sodium pump or sodium-potassium exchange.
Most monosaccharides are absorbed via the sodium pump.
The sodium pump consumes a large portion of the metabolic, energy (40%) in sea urchin larvae.
These steroids were thought to work primarily by binding and inhibiting a cell structure called the sodium pump, which indirectly increases the amount of calcium inside the cell.
The secondary circuits comprise three loops each with a steam generator and a secondary sodium pump.
Exposure to the secondhand smoke produced by as little as two cigarettes was found to almost completely stop the function of a cell's sodium pump within a few hours.
Cardiac glycosides regulate the activity of the sodium pump (Na,K-ATPase), and the a-subunit of Na,K-ATPase is a recognized functional receptor for these compounds (3-7).