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 (sō′fər, sô-fŭr′)
n. pl. so·fer·im (-fər-ĭm, -fə-rēm′) Judaism
A scribe.

[Hebrew sōpēr, active participle of sāpar, to count, write; see spr in Semitic roots.]
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Thomson Cruises boss Richard Sofer said: "The new itinerary demonstrates further our commitment to offering more choice.
Contract award notice: Achizitie Autoutilitare N1, Autoutilitara Pick-Up 4x4, Autoutilitara cu minim 5 locuri + sofer si bena fixa, Autoutilitara cu nacela de lucru la inaltime.
It's primarily the economy," said Toronto-based developer Amit Sofer in early May.
Sasson Sofer seeks to disabuse readers of such notions by presenting a theoretically-informed discussion about the history of diplomacy and the underappreciated functions of its practitioners in international politics.
A Jewish educator named Gadi Turner believes that writing a Torah scroll connects the sofer to God.
Passengers living in Bu Hamdoun and other towns nearby such as Sofer, Alya, Hamana, and Faloga, who normally had to go to KAC's office in Beirut to book flights, now can do so in the airline's office in Bu Hamdoun, saving them a long trip to the capital city, he told KUNA.
Roslyn Sofer, PT, DPT, OCS, founder of CPT, and her son Dr.
Although Ezra is described as a sofer, translated as a "scribe," in the Bible we do not find any mention of him writing anything.
Tahel Sofer, 3, who was injured by a firebomb near Beit El three weeks ago, was released Sunday from Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.
In his earlier study The Stage Life of Props, Sofer began by theorizing props and then examining specific props in different eras of theatrical performance; in this study, he follows the same structure, but instead of considering material objects, he examines absence.
15PM After a woman throws herself under their car, Dylan Neal and Rena Sofer hope to recover at a rented cabin in the mountains.
Aaron Sofer, a 23-year-old yeshiva student from Lakewood N.