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The underside of a structural component, such as a beam, arch, staircase, or cornice.

[French soffite, from Italian soffitto, from Vulgar Latin *suffīctus, past participle of suffīgere, to fasten beneath; see suffix.]
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1. (Architecture) the underside of a part of a building or a structural component, such as an arch, beam, stair, etc
2. (Civil Engineering) Also called: crown or vertex the upper inner surface of a drain or sewer. Compare invert6
[C17: via French from Italian soffitto, from Latin suffixus something fixed underneath, from suffīgere, from sub- under + fīgere to fasten]
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(ˈsɒf ɪt)
the underside of an architectural feature, as a beam, arch, ceiling, vault, or cornice.
[1605–15; < French soffite < Italian soffitto < Vulgar Latin *suffīctus, for Latin suffīxus; see suffix]
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Noun1.soffit - the underside of a part of a building (such as an arch or overhang or beam etc.)soffit - the underside of a part of a building (such as an arch or overhang or beam etc.)
side - an extended outer surface of an object; "he turned the box over to examine the bottom side"; "they painted all four sides of the house"
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Never through the roof or the soffit. Now, I own a two-story house in a 1,000-plus home subdivision.
FULLY TRAINED FASCIA & SOFFIT INSTALLERS Coventry Roof Trim are the Midlands leading installers of uPVC fascias, soffits and guttering, as a highly respected installer they adopt industry best practices throughout your installation and follow all heath and safety criteria.
I realized that I only had access to 9-foot flute (to create a seamless look), therefore, we built a soffit around the perimeter of the closet to achieve the floor-to-ceiling look.
The bathroom/shower fan is vented out the soffit about 10 feet from this corner.
The soffit boards from the UK company are offered in five meter lengths & in different widths ranging from 100mm-600mm.
Catherine Watkinson Site Senior Technical Manager of Lyons Seafoods (Labeyrie Fine Foods) has been appointed as the new Chair of The Society or Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFFIT) 01827 872500, the organisation that promotes best practice in hygiene and safety throughout the food industry.
Next, take a plastic putty knife and insert a length of screen spline in between the soffit and the aluminum channel.
Highlighted by colorful, high-quality tiles in the service deli, bakery and meat departments, the attractive, functional concept store also features curved soffit and custom woodwork in the meat department, along with ample use of track and accent lighting throughout to enhance the overall shopping experience.
Darren Maxwell, Merseyside regional manager from Herbert T Forrest, said: "We are very proud to work in partnership with Pinnacle Housing to deliver this refurbishment scheme which will see over 1,000 residents benefit from the new window, door, soffit, fascia and cladding systems."
Saduk recalls mixing vinyl siding, Azek, standard vinyl trim accessories, and aluminum soffit material for a recent makeover of a Philadelphia row house: "I used a ventilated vinyl soffit under the eaves, then cut and bent aluminum trim to hold the soffit up--kind of a reverse J," he explains (see illustration).