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 (sō-frē′tō, sə-)
n. pl. so·fri·tos
A sautéed mixture of seasonings and finely chopped vegetables, such as onions, garlic, and peppers, used as a base for many Spanish, Caribbean, and Latin American dishes.

[American Spanish, from variant past participle of Spanish sofreír, to fry lightly, from Vulgar Latin *suffrīgere : Latin sub-, slightly; see sub- + Latin frīgere, to fry.]
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"During my numerous supermarket demonstrations I have learned that every nationality has their own version of sofritos,"says Santos Acosta, founder of SanTina's Harvest, based in New York City.
I have been told, since I was seven, my father tells me he had to make me a small bench so I could stand next to my mother, and I would cut the spices, prepare the sofritos, and learn how to cook.
jv: My cooking is not traditionally Catalan in its presentation, but I use a number of traditional Catalan ingredients--dried fruits, olive oil, sofritos, picadas, all the things that come from this place.