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Noun1.soft diet - a diet that does not require chewingsoft diet - a diet that does not require chewing; advised for those with intestinal disorders
diet - a prescribed selection of foods
Pablum - a soft form of cereal for infants
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Everything for those patients has to pureed and then, when they are able to eat properly they have a mince-moist to a soft diet."
"I had a patient recently who didn't know what a 'soft diet' was," added Robertson on the value of clear communication in taking care of folks.
He was on a mechanically soft diet due to swallowing difficulties.
The pensioner had a history of heart problems and swallowing difficulties and was on a "soft diet", with thickener in fluids.
Soft diet: Baked potato/cassava, soup, French bread, whole milk, carrot, cooked corn meal.
The victim suffered a fractured skull, a fractured jaw and broken teeth and had to have a soft diet for six weeks.
Age, gender, T stage, AJCC stage, length of operation, BMI (body mass index, kg/ m2), time to soft diet, postoperative leakage of the esophagojejunostomy (EJS), stricture of the EJS, meal intake, and quality of life (QOL) were recorded.
"But even if someone's taken him in, we're still so worried because he's without his medication and is on a soft diet because of what's happened to him.
Joanne required a soft diet as her cerebral palsy meant she had difficulty eating and drinking.
The liquid regimen increased in volume and, depending on the patient's tolerance, a soft diet was started after 24 hours of liquid initiation.