soft glass

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Noun1.soft glass - glass having a relatively low softening point
glass - a brittle transparent solid with irregular atomic structure
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In a regular incandescent lamp the soft glass envelope absorbs almost all of this ultraviolet radiation.
Eighth Ave., with local, emerging glass artists showing work under the name, "Glass Menagerie." Styles range from fused and cast to blown soft glass and blown boro, with work by Zarina Bell, Bob Green, Chris Baker, Savannah Roberts, Alejandro Hernandez, Ciara Cuddihy- Hernandez and Ian Lawless.
Participants will have the opportunity to make several beads using a propane-oxygen fueled torch and soft glass.
From Figure 1(a), we can observe that many PZT nanocrystallines grow on the soft glass fiber cloth surface intensively.
In this paper, we propose an all optical switch implemented in a PCF comprising a central core region of soft glass (SF57) surrounded by holes infiltrated with E7 type nematic liquid crystal.