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Noun1.soft roll - yeast-raised roll with a soft crust
bun, roll - small rounded bread either plain or sweet
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Just like our other unique offerings, we are confident that this newly launched restaurant will be able to live up to the customers' expectations and would become one of the most preferred breakfast settings for the people of Qatar." The expansive menu at Le Colonial boasts of Arabic basket -- Manakish, pita bread, zaatar croissant and Danish; International basket -- Wholemeal bread, French baguette, soft roll, croissant and Danish; Arabic breakfast set -- Foul medammes, shakshouka, falafel, grilled halloumi and Arabic bread basket, choice of fresh juice, coffee and tea; Eggs Benedict; Choice of healthy breakfast & soup; crepes; waffles; pancakes; Saj; exquisite Msheireb breakfast; sandwiches, sizzling variety of desserts, including gluten free and healthy bites.
A homemade burger in a soft roll with relish, lettuce and tomato
"When I opened up the roll which was wrapped in tinfoil in wasn't even a soft roll. It was so crispy someone had put their thumb through the top of it and burst the roll apart to put butter on it."
A brand like Charmin might target a wealthy consumer with its triple-ply, soothing-aloe, super-duper soft roll, yet it might target a middle-class consumer with a value-priced product.
Jason Martin, our general manager, weighs in: "Beginning in early 2017 we began a soft roll out on the rebranding of our thirty-three-year-old name.
3 Three's signature dish is the 8.5ins vegan jumbo frankfurter - made with tofu served in a soft roll with jalapenos, mustard, tomatoes and ketchup.
The top-split soft roll is open wide to resemble a rowboat.
For carb-addicts head to China where a Mashed-potato Burger is offered, and those who are partial to a banger try the Nurnburger from Germany, three Bratwurst sausages on a large, soft roll with mustard.
United Furniture has also introduced quirky accessories for children such as pencil shaped clothes stand and soft roll cushions, and fancy Chinese doll key chains, fridge magnets and showpieces.
As an example, many hospital wards don't allow flowers anymore – but a flask of steaming soup and a soft roll or two is the most well–received gift I've taken a poorly relative.