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Noun1.soft-cover book - a book with paper coverssoft-cover book - a book with paper covers    
book, volume - physical objects consisting of a number of pages bound together; "he used a large book as a doorstop"
pocket book, pocket edition, pocketbook - pocket-sized paperback book
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This soft-cover book is different from most traditional textbooks, as it has been specifically designed to be a "guide for clinicians" in the care of their patients with oral-systemic disease connections.
The 14-chapter, 206-page soft-cover book is available at, or can be ordered directly from the author at
The 300-page, soft-cover book is available on for $21.67.
The soft-cover book is beautifully illustrated with more than 300 full-color images.
The soft-cover book, titled "Iomann don Domhan: Photographs by Ron Rosenstock," features photographs in an exhibition of his work currently on display at Worcester Art Museum.
The soft-cover book is published by White Feather Press of Hamilton, near Grand Rapids.
In this 456-page, soft-cover book, Linda Thede and Jeanne Sewell provide the awaited update to the previous edition, published in 1999.
The 445 page, soft-cover book is written in Italian and in English.
But the February shutdown of the paper quashed the series 50 installments short of the paper's 150th birthday, so Madigan set out to publish the collection in one oversized, 192-page soft-cover book.
The soft-cover book, the first of seven in the hugely popular series, was one of only 200 copies printed, unlike later printings that were in the millions, and was issued with illustrated wrappers by the London-based publisher Bloomsbury in 1997, according the Heritage Auction Galleries.
Spies in the Deer Woods is a soft-cover book and is available at most national book store chains.