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 (sôf′tē, sŏf′-)
Variant of softy.
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(ˈsɒftɪ) or


n, pl softies
informal a person who is sentimental, weakly foolish, or lacking in physical endurance
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or soft•ie

(ˈsɔf ti, ˈsɒf-)

n., pl. -ties. Informal.
1. a person easily stirred to sentiment.
2. a weak or foolish person.
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Noun1.softie - a person who is weak and excessively sentimental
doormat, weakling, wuss - a person who is physically weak and ineffectual
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softy [ˈsɒfti] ncœur m sensiblesoft landing n (FINANCE)atterrissage m en douceur
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n (inf, too tender-hearted) → gutmütiger Trottel (inf); (sentimental) → sentimentaler Typ (inf); (effeminate, cowardly) → Schlappschwanz m (inf), → Weichling m (inf); I know I’m an old softie but …ich bin ja ein gutmütiger Typ or Mensch, aber …
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But 20-year-old Tommy Fury says unlike his famous sibling, he is a big softie who cries over soppy films.
The trainee wealth manager said: "I prefer the classic vanilla softie because there is just something special about it.
DARIAN MacKINNON doesn't fear Dougie Imrie will get into another rammy with Motherwell - because he's a softie at heart.
Salt has opened its newest Dubai location at La Mer North, offering a new surf house vibe, 'nitro' coffee, and sliders, fries and softie buns.
Buddy is a big softie, he loves everybody, he likes to think he is a lap dog and sits on everyone's knee.
He then went on to say that despite his hard man image he is a real softie, revealing he enjoys making cornmeal pancakes.
London, June 26 ( ANI ): Kristen Bell has branded Russell Brand as the biggest "softie" she's ever worked with.
ENGLISH Mastiff, Sam, right, the 12 stone "big softie" belongs to Paul Collings of Whitby AND also taking it eazzzzzy is Fudge, who belongs to Amber Liddell, nine, of Redcar.
As the owner of a 'Staff ' (who is a big softie and has the most lovely nature), I too cried when I read of the suffering that poor Staff and pup went through.
the eyes have it It's all about the eyes this party season, and we've found the best 'look at me' false lashes on the market - these limited edition 'Decadence' ones from Illamasqua pounds 25, perfect presents For the best value beauty gifts around, head to Boots, where you'll find a huge range of packages from Soap & Glory, like this Big Softie Jumbo Holdall, containing Righteous Body Butter, Hand Food, Flake Away body scrub, Heel Genius and Scrub Gloves, all for pounds 30!
For all practical purposes, though, the weight difference is not that significant, as the softie truly feels quite hefty and solid in the hand, especially with its traditional checkered brown grip panels.