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or soft·ie  (sôf′tē, sŏf′-)
n. pl. soft·ies Informal
1. A person regarded as weak or sentimental.
2. A person who finds it difficult to punish or be strict.
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or soft•ie

(ˈsɔf ti, ˈsɒf-)

n., pl. -ties. Informal.
1. a person easily stirred to sentiment.
2. a weak or foolish person.
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Noun1.softy - a person who is weak and excessively sentimental
doormat, weakling, wuss - a person who is physically weak and ineffectual
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[ˈsɒftɪ] Nblandengue mf; (= too tender-hearted) → blandengue mf, buenazo/a m/f; (= no stamina etc) → blandengue mf; (= coward) → gallina mf, cobardica mf
you big softie, stop crying!¡no seas llorón or llorica!
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softie [ˈsɒftɪ] n (fam) (weak) → pappamolle m/f; (tender-hearted) → tenerone/a
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References in classic literature ?
Here I go over to Se- reny Harper, like an old softy, expecting I'm going to make her believe all that rubbage about that dream, when lo and behold you she'd found out from Joe that you was over here and heard all the talk we had that night.
I tried honestly enough to kill the pigeons, but I had no luck, or too much, till I happened to bring down one of a pair that I found apart from the rest in a softy tree-top.
When the place was packed full the undertaker he slid around in his black gloves with his softy soother- ing ways, putting on the last touches, and getting people and things all ship-shape and comfortable, and making no more sound than a cat.
"Nevertheless," she continued softy, "of one thing I am very sure.
Silverstein is a dub, and a softy, and a knocker," he said good-humoredly.
Admitting she has become a total "softy" since having kids, the mum of three, 42, said: "I try and maintain a level of professionalism but I am very conscious because crying in front of people is kind of like telling them their situation is so sad, and I feel guilty about that bit as well.
A realtor and a big softy with a huge heart, he was a loyal and loving friend.
Former Spice Girl Geri Horner "I am flattered to be accused by the Beano's legal eagles of imitating Walter the Softy whose powerful physical prowess is so much greater than my own."
TORY super-toff Jacob Rees-Mogg has been told to stop trying to copy Beano character Walter the Softy.
JACOB Rees-Mogg has said he is "flattered" to be compared to Beano character Walter the Softy, after the comic called on him to stop imitating the archenemy of Dennis the Menace.
With a delicious soft texture, their Big Softy sub rolls come in both the traditional 'foot long' size and 8" size, for children's or 'life bite' menus.