soil horizon

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Noun1.soil horizon - a layer in a soil profilesoil horizon - a layer in a soil profile    
profile - a vertical section of the Earth's crust showing the different horizons or layers
horizon - a specific layer or stratum of soil or subsoil in a vertical cross section of land
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For both locations, the lower soil horizon analysed contains a greater proportion of very coarse sand and a lower proportion of both very fine sand and coarse silt, suggesting a greater effect of weathered residuum in the lower parts of the profile and a 'dilution' of the aeolian-transported particles.
The pedons exhibited differences in sequence of horizons; whereas Pedon A6 consisted of only one genetic soil horizon (Ap), the others consisted of 3-4 horizons (Table 2).
Soil profiles under the oak canopy and open grasslands were sampled by genetic soil horizon to determine the effects of oak nutrient cycling on soil characteristics.
horizon (soil horizon)--Layer in a soil profile that usually consists of topsoil, subsoil, or partially decomposed parent material.
* Show how a typical soil horizon is characterized.
The symbol indicates a soil horizon that has been cemented hard by carbonates, gypsum, or other material.
Bulk density was estimated using the core method, with triplicate measurements for each soil horizon (Carter, 1993).
The synergistic, or enhanced, effect of ranching and regular fires results in rapid soil erosion and a change in the quality of the upper soil horizon. The soil is replaced by a pavement of relatively fine siliceous gravel formed by the weathering of quartzite outcrops and the rapid breakdown of aluminium-rich schists that contain many quartz fragments.
- The [A.sub.1] soil horizon is poorly developed in this arid climate and, at unburned sites, lies below a thick, litter-containing [A.sub.0] horizon.
"We believe they give the soil horizon its unique properties.
Once through the cells, the effluent flows into a 1,000-gallon dosing chamber where it is conveyed under pressure to an 1,875 |ft.sup.2~ lateral network (five 75-foot laterals), designed at an application rate of .21 g/|ft.sup.2~/d (based on the C soil horizon).