soil horizon

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Noun1.soil horizon - a layer in a soil profilesoil horizon - a layer in a soil profile    
profile - a vertical section of the Earth's crust showing the different horizons or layers
horizon - a specific layer or stratum of soil or subsoil in a vertical cross section of land
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SOC storage in the 30-100 cm soil horizon accounts for 46-63% of total SOC storage in the first 1 m of the world's soil (Batjes 1996).
For this purpose, the organic carbon concentration which was determined by analysis for each soil horizon was multiplied by fine soil volume weight (< 2 mm) and converted to values in unit volume.
sat]) of the limiting layer (the soil horizon with the lowest K[sub.
Electrical resistivity has already been applied in various fields such as exploration of groundwater, solute transfer delineation measurement, determination of composite characteristic of soils, soil texture, stone, salt, and humus contents, and arrangement of the genetic soil horizons, agronomical management, determination of soil horizon thickness and bedrock depth, assessing the soil hydrological properties [16].
Table-4: (a) Mean values of concentrations of Acid hydrolysable Amino Acids in (mg/Kg) of Soil Horizon A and B irrigated with JDW sugar industry Ahmad Oil and Ghee industries and G and G.
Thus, the maximum concentrations of zinc and copper in the surface humus soil horizon (0-20 cm deep) are characteristic of the superaqual landscape meadow, and those of lead--forest soil.
Where a soil horizon was greater than 600 mm, 2 samples, one from near the top of the horizon and one at depth, were tested.
Due to a difference in water levels, more than one soil horizon was in contact with the water in the test hole.
Only in the upper part of the sequence, above loess unit L9, do paleosols commonly consist of a relatively strong A-Bt-C sequence, whereas below L9 a relatively weaker sequence is more common (in this context, 'strong' and 'weak' denote the relative degree of development of a given soil horizon or horizons).
The SOC stocks of soil horizons were calculated on the basis of the SOC content and bulk density of each soil horizon.
At each field site, soil horizon thicknesses were noted and the soil horizon colors were determined using a Munsell Soil Color chart.
Upon return to the laboratory, soil horizon materials were weighed and then subsampled for moisture content and pH.