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Noun1.soil profile - a vertical section of soil from the ground surface to the parent rocksoil profile - a vertical section of soil from the ground surface to the parent rock
profile - a vertical section of the Earth's crust showing the different horizons or layers
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When snow collects on thawed soil, it slowly melts, allowing a slow-release of NH2 into the soil profile.
Soil profile varies in different parts of the country.
They are also learning how to make their own soil profiles - where groups of children get to be soil scientists and create the perfect soil profile to plant their plant.
The infiltration and redistribution processes of water in the soil profile are affected by variability in the volume of water that interacts with the soil surface and the effects of vegetation cover.
The factorial analysis (FA) and cluster analysis (CA) tend to the same result, which is the division of the soil profile into two well defined layers regarding the fertility levels of the area under traditional agriculture (ATA).
Horizon Depth Colour Texture# Structure * (cm) (Munsel) Hira soil profile (Schist derived) Ap 0-20 10YR3/2 c 2 c sbk A2 20-35 10YR3/1 c 2m sbk A3 35-60 10YR3/2 c 2c abk A4 60-75 10YR3/1 c 3m abk Bidar soil profile (Basalt derived) Ap 0-24 10YR3/1 c 3f gr A2 24-47 10YR2/1 c 3f sbk Bss 47-94 10YR1/1 c 3m abk Cr/B 94-135 Shahabad soil profile (Limestone derived) Ap 0-22 10YR3/2 c 2f sbk A2 22-38 10YR2/1 c 2m sbk A3 38-58 10YR3/1 c 3c abk A4 58-120 10YR2/1 c 3c abk Horizon Reaction Salient features with dil.
Little information is available on the role of optimized application of irrigation and N on crop N recovery and NO3-N build up and movement in soil profile.
He said the first step is to understand one's soil profile through soil maps, excavation pits or soil core samples pulled with a hand auger.
A single deep watering is going to wet the soil profile to a greater depth than many surface irrigations.
In addition, Iteris and Valent will collaborate to develop systems that permit customised field or zone modelling capabilities so that soil, vegetation, and/or topographic properties can be specified as a factor in the diagnosis or prognosis of how soil temperature and moisture conditions impact crop growth at several different depths within a soil profile.
Processes of disturbance by human activity, such as mixing of the upper soil profile by ploughing, humification and relatively slight pedogenetic clay differentiation, are characteristic for the studied Luvic Chernozem of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin.