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 (sō′jûrn′, sō-jûrn′)
intr.v. so·journed, so·journ·ing, so·journs
To reside temporarily: "His family had sojourned in New Jersey for one year only, and had then gone back to Michigan" (Jane Smiley).
A temporary stay; a brief period of residence.

[Middle English sojournen, from Old French sojorner, from Vulgar Latin *subdiurnāre : Latin sub-, sub- + Late Latin diurnum, day (from Latin, daily ration, from neuter of diurnus, daily, from diēs, day; see dyeu- in Indo-European roots).]

so′journ′er n.
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Noun1.sojourner - a temporary resident
occupant, occupier, resident - someone who lives at a particular place for a prolonged period or who was born there
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n (geh)Gast m, → Besucher(in) m(f)
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But with living on there, day after day, the acute sojourner became conscious of a new aspect in the spectacle.
Yet, never so much as during that brief night walk through the silent streets, did he realize how absolutely unfitted he was to be even a temporary sojourner in this vast city.
He, indeed, not only adhered to his native customs in attire and living, but usually drove his plough among the stumps in the same manner as he had before done on the plains of Norfolk, until dear-bought experience taught him the useful lesson that a sagacious people knew what was suited to their circumstances better than a casual observer, or a sojourner who was, perhaps, too much prejudiced to compare and, peradventure, too conceited to learn.
"Physic may do for such as relish it; to my taste and judgment it is neither palatable nor healthy; but morals never did harm to any living mortal, be it that he was a sojourner in the forest, or a dweller in the midst of glazed windows and smoking chimneys.
Wretch whom no sojourner, no citizen May harbor or address, whom all are bound To harry from their homes.
Therefore again I charge thee as before, See that the maidens are restored at once, Unless thou would'st continue here by force And not by choice a sojourner; so much I tell thee home and what I say, I mean.
He slew Othryoneus from Cabesus, a sojourner, who had but lately come to take part in the war.
I am merely a sojourner here in Vanity Fair, being bound to the Celestial City by the new railroad."
At present I am a sojourner in civilized life again.
Shall I ever recall that street of Canterbury on a market-day, without recalling him, as he walked back with us; expressing, in the hardy roving manner he assumed, the unsettled habits of a temporary sojourner in the land; and looking at the bullocks, as they came by, with the eye of an Australian farmer!
Now it is not residence which constitutes a man a citizen; for in this sojourners and slaves are upon an equality with him; nor will it be sufficient for this purpose, that you have the privilege of the laws, and may plead or be impleaded, for this all those of different nations, between whom there is a mutual agreement for that purpose, are allowed; although it very often happens, that sojourners have not a perfect right therein without the protection of a patron, to whom they are obliged to apply, which shows that their share in the community is incomplete.
One avenue of hope was thus closed upon the anxious sojourners at the Caldron Linn; their main expectation of relief was now from the two parties under Reed and M'Lellan, which had proceeded down the river; for, as to Mr.