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so·la 1

A plural of solum.

so·la 2

By oneself; alone. Used as a stage direction to a female character.

[Italian, feminine of solo, solo; see solo.]


the feminine form of solus


(ˈsɔ lɑ; Eng. ˈsoʊ lə)

Latin. (referring to a woman) solus.
References in classic literature ?
Her name, as I afterward learned, was Sola, and she belonged to the retinue of Tars Tarkas.
It was now that Tars Tarkas for the first time learned that his daughter, Sola, had accompanied Dejah Thoris upon the last long pilgrimage.
As I came near to them I saw that the figure on the thoat was Sola.
Throughout her nearly 20 years with Bank of America Merrill Lynch and its predecessors, Rita Sola Cook has held various management positions in finance, product management and sales.
Their topics include alone together: sola scriptura and the other solas of the Reformation, hermeneutical theology as contemporary rendition of the sola scriptura, sacra scriptura sui ipsius interpres: reinterpretation in the Book of Isaiah, the relevance of Luther's use of sola scriptura in De Servo Arbitrio, and sola scriptura as social construction: a practical theological approach.
The Sola app is a gateway for users to engage a large audience to the platform and it is the first app in the Sola ecosystem.
Address : Hr Department, Gujarat State Office, 2Nd Floor, Indian Oil Bhavan, 205, Near, Sola Flyover, Sola, Ahmedabad-380060
Ginger was chosen for its high familiarity and reputation that cuts across many cultures," says Sola Lamikanra, president of SOLA Snacks.
Harnessing all of the benefits of LEDs, the latest Astra and Sola lights are ideal for both studio and on-location shoots, especially as both product lines can be powered by professional camera batteries.
A real fencing sword handle holds sola flowers, sugar skulls, coloured pins, cracken, anchors, skull and cross bones and feathers, with tartan ribbon to cover the underside of the bouquet (approx 8-9ins, PS275).
Last week, Sola finalised a loan move from Athletic Bilbao to Boro for the rest of the season and was an unused substitute for Aitor Karanka's side at Bristol City on Saturday.
Under the agreement Terra Sola will build photovoltaic (PV) power plants totalling a capacity of 2,000MWp across Egypt.