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so·la 1

A plural of solum.

so·la 2

By oneself; alone. Used as a stage direction to a female character.

[Italian, feminine of solo, solo; see solo.]


the feminine form of solus


(ˈsɔ lɑ; Eng. ˈsoʊ lə)

Latin. (referring to a woman) solus.
References in classic literature ?
Her name, as I afterward learned, was Sola, and she belonged to the retinue of Tars Tarkas.
What took place none knows, but the next day Dejah Thoris had disappeared, and with her had gone a dozen of her household guard and body servants, including Sola the green woman--Tars Tarkas' daughter, you recall.
I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to help Terra Sola build their Brand Architecture that will be a catalyst to their success," he added.
Sola Vision Transcoding: Sola Vision's transcoding capabilities for video-on-demand content are designed to automatically create multiple renditions of one high-quality video file for adaptive bitrate streaming across multiple devices and networks.
Under Jones' watchful eye, Sola won the New Zealand shot putt title five years running from 2002 as well as the national discus title four years running from 2003.
Spread over two floors with a dancefloor above the island bar, Sola is big on cocktails and it's unusual for the bar staff not to be twirling a bottle or throwing ice cubes into a glass behind their backs.
Like thousands of others, Sola said, she didn't have enough money for tuition and textbooks, even though she had the two most important things: a desire and the good grades.
de Waard, ([section][section][section][section][section][section]) Christophe Sola, * and Nalin Rastogi *
SOLA is part of US-quoted company SOLA International and in the UK has an annual turnover of pounds 27 million, employing 120 in the region with additional bases in Dublin and one near London.
Last winter, he met Balla Sola in a maiden hurdle at Thurles and could finish only third, beaten over nine lengths.
In less sensitive hands such a gesture might have seemed hackneyed or gross, but at Sola the strategem is executed with such understated refinement, attention to detail and understanding of materials that it seems natural, calm and unpretentious.
Address : Gujarat State Office, Indian Oil Bhavan, 205, Near Sola Flyover, Sola, Ahmedabad-380060