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 (sō′lə-nēn′, -nĭn) also so·la·nin (-nĭn)
A bitter poisonous alkaloid, C45H73NO15, found in potatoes and other plants of the nightshade family. It has narcotic properties and was formerly used to treat epilepsy.

[French, from Latin sōlānum, nightshade, from sōl, sun; see sāwel- in Indo-European roots.]


(Elements & Compounds) a poisonous alkaloid found in various solanaceous plants, including potatoes which have gone green through exposure to light
[C19: from solan(um) + -ine2]
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However, the cultivated potato contains low glycoalkaloid levels, typically only solanine and chaconine, suggesting these bitter compounds were selected against during domestication (Johns & Alonso, 1990).
Comment: Nightshades contain solanine alkaloids, which have been found anecdotally to be a triggering factor for joint pain in some people with osteoarthritis, as well as a cause of various other symptoms in susceptible individuals.
Nightshade vegetables are also high in an alkaloid called solanine, which, when consumed in high amounts, has been linked to inflammation.
Potatoes: Can be kept for a month after the bestbefore date but root growth and green colouration indicates the presence of a potentially toxic chemical called solanine.
The presence of choline, cuscohygrine, solacaproine, solanine, solaso-dine in different parts of the plant has been reported (Guptal995; Alonso 2004).
They contain a chemical called solanine, which disrupts the work of enzymes, thus increasing inflammation.
Solanine forms under the same conditions that promote chlorophyll formation.
The nutritional value of potato protein depends on the level of glycoalkaloids such as solanine and chaconine and their secondary metabolites (Friedman, 1996).
Increased levels of solanine in the potato peel are closely associated with the greening (synthesis of chlorophyll) of the peel.
Green potatoes contain a poison called solanine and are not healthy for you to eat.
Solanine occurs in potatoes ( near green areas and fresh sprouts ( and is also very toxic.
The FBI's latest weekly bulletin to state and local law enforcement agencies cautions terrorists might use two naturally occurring toxins --nicotine and solanine -to poison food or water supplies.