solar pond

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so′lar pond′

a pool with a bottom layer of salt water and top layer of fresh water, designed to capture solar radiation as a source of energy for generating heat or electricity.
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Proposed by Rasha Abuolaim from Jordan, the concept centres around salt crystallisation on a mesh structure, coupled with a salinity gradient solar pond to produce and store solar energy.
Experimental study of water heating salt gradient solar pond performance in Iraq, Industrial Applications of Energy Systems (IAES09).
The researchers identify the causes of superheater tube failure, simulate flame propagation from naphtha leaking in a cracking furnace, analyze heat transfer in wire bundles for aerospace vehicles, calculate heat extraction from a solar pond, and monitor the energy efficiency of a flooded roof.
The winning team from PSG College of Technology presented a white paper on 'Solar Pond assisted by the building air conditioning units to generate power to cater the building's power requirements.'
Salt gradient solar pond is a water body in which significant temperature rise are caused by the absorption of solar radiation by preventing convection.
Solar pond aeration: Solar power pond aeration systems are a good alternative to a windmill pond aeration system (Fig.10).
'Solar pond' technology, which uses shallow ponds of saline water to harness solar energy, is expected to replace some of the demand in rural areas for industrial process heat from the natural gas grid, traditionally drawn from fossil fuels.
It does this by using the solar pond to provide ambient temperature water for fish harvesting, and by hydraulically designing the hatchery building and rearing ponds to maximize water reuse potential.
The ocean thermal variation of the solar pond concept may have greater promise.
Agriculture and oil-based industry such as described by Lambert (1983) would be beneficiaries of solar pond power in the region.