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Noun1.solarisation - exposure to the rays of the sun
exposure - vulnerability to the elements; to the action of heat or cold or wind or rain; "exposure to the weather" or "they died from exposure";
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In addition, Rs75 million has been diverted from those funds to the solarisation of the chief minister's house and chief minister's secretariat.
The event themed as "Innovative Power Solutions, Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency," is also supported by Federal Ministry of Water and Power, Renewable and Alternative Energy Association of Pakistan (REAP), Institute of Research Promotion (IRP), Pakistan German Business Forum (PGBF), Young Engineers' Association (YEA), and Solarisation Welfare Organisation (SWO).
According to the officials, projects proposed by the provinces and AJK included those in agriculture, fisheries, health, solarisation of water supply schemes, telemedicine, smart schools etc.
The chief minister was briefed about the solarisation of schools and basic health units in tribal districts.
Over the next three years, the development funds will be used to build 702 village and neighbourhood councils, 1000km farm-to-market link roads, sanitation schemes, 500 solar powered drinking water supply schemes, 100 gravity-based drinking water supply schemes, solarisation of the existing 200 DWSS, construction of drains, capacity development of elected local representatives, and projects for solid waste management.
The provincial cabinet recently ordered the solarisation of over 300 mosques in the region on a war footing to facilitate worshippers.
The minister added that solarisation of 100 mosques had also been included in the plan for tribal districts.
'I have solid evidence to show that the money meant for the solarisation of mosques in my constituency is embezzled by the black sheep in TMA.
Mahmood Khan stated that the solarisation of Mosques, Tube Wells and schools in the district will begin soon whereas small dams will be constructed for irrigation purposes and ensuring supply of clean drinking water to villages.
Cette inauguration s'inscrit dans le programme lance par le groupe en 2016 visant la solarisation de 5000 stations-service a travers le monde.
Execution of Punjab Solarisation Project in a short span of one year by energy department is a living example of the latter.
The local government department has instructed the Water and Sanitation Services Companies (WSSPs) to switch over to the solarisation of water supply tube wells in big cities.