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1. Any of various fusible alloys, usually tin and lead, used to join metallic parts.
2. Something that joins or cements.
v. sol·dered, sol·der·ing, sol·ders
1. To unite or repair (parts, for example) with solder.
2. To join or unite: The agreement soldered the factions into an alliance.
1. To unite or repair something with solder.
2. To be joined or united.

[Middle English soudur, from Old French soudure, soldure, from souder, soulder, to solder, from Latin solidāre, to make solid, from solidus, solid; see solid.]

sol′der·a·ble adj.
sol′der·er n.
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Noun1.solderer - a worker who joins or mends with solder
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
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Upon completion of the program, students are prepared for work as a welder, cutter, fitter, solderer or brazer.
Among production jobs, general assembler and hand solderer are the most difficult to fill.
Unlikely, unless you're a very skilled solderer. Even iFixit doesn't recommend doing the repair in your home.
During World War II she worked for Sperry Gyroscope as a solderer and later held jobs in banking and retail.
"I recall Serge Atlaoui was convicted as a chemist, when he was a solderer with a minor role in this affair," she said, adding the French government were "prepared to assist Indonesia in its fight against drug trafficking".
At, we found 2,368 fashion and textile jobs, including a fashion designer in London (PS30,000), a jewellery solderer in the West Midlands (PS12,968) and an operations manager in textiles manufacturing (PS45,000).
SCOTT Larder, a solderer from Cwmbran, has been chosen as a potential rally driving superstar through the 'be a Rally Driver for free, with Rally Team GB' Facebook competition.
When soldering without effective control, solder flux fume is likely to enter the breathing zone of the solderer causing the development of occupational asthma, long term carcinogenic diseases, damage and irritation to the respiratory tract, and other serious complaints.
Growing up as a diehard Rangers fan, however, I bet he wasn't too keen on The Solderer's Song.