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1. Any of various fusible alloys, usually tin and lead, used to join metallic parts.
2. Something that joins or cements.
v. sol·dered, sol·der·ing, sol·ders
1. To unite or repair (parts, for example) with solder.
2. To join or unite: The agreement soldered the factions into an alliance.
1. To unite or repair something with solder.
2. To be joined or united.

[Middle English soudur, from Old French soudure, soldure, from souder, soulder, to solder, from Latin solidāre, to make solid, from solidus, solid; see solid.]

sol′der·a·ble adj.
sol′der·er n.
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Noun1.soldering - fastening firmly togethersoldering - fastening firmly together    
fastening, attachment - the act of fastening things together
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First he took out a soldering iron and some plumbing solder, and then small oil lamp, which gave out, when lit in a corner of the tomb, gas which burned at a fierce heat with a blue flame, then his operating knives, which he placed to hand, and last a round wooden stake, some two and a half or three inches thick and about three feet long.
So they set to work in one of the big yellow rooms of the castle and worked for three days and four nights, hammering and twisting and bending and soldering and polishing and pounding at the legs and body and head of the Tin Woodman, until at last he was straightened out into his old form, and his joints worked as well as ever.
It was a small cavity under ten feet of water; but I think that I can warrant the pond not to need soldering till they find a worse leak than that.
Questions often arise as to recommended wave soldering settings, or if general setting data can be provided.
Selective soldering seemed a likely candidate as a solder wave replacement, and SMC is experienced with its common point-to-point method.
In this case, selective soldering created assembly failures in the area around the selective solder sites.
ColdHeat(TM), the innovator of patented, cutting-edge mobile heating technology, announced today that it is expanding its current product offering to include the ColdHeat Pro Soldering Tool.
12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- American Beauty Tools, US-based manufacturer of industrial quality soldering and brazing tools that provide superior heat transfer and longevity, has released two new professional soldering kits : a 150 watt and 300 watt version.
To understand the mechanisms involved with the degradation of the soldering iron tips, we first have to understand the composition of the soldering iron tips.
For soldering aluminium, for example the solders type Sn20CdlAg, Sn63Pb3Zn, Zn16Cd etc, were used.
SAC and SnCuNi are the most popular Pb-free alloys used in selective soldering.
Leaded wave soldering is a relatively uncritical process since the temperature stresses are comparatively short.