soldier on

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1. One who serves in an army.
2. An enlisted person or a noncommissioned officer.
3. An active, loyal, or militant follower of an organization.
a. A nonreproductive ant or termite that has a large head and powerful jaws.
b. One of a group of honeybees that swarm in defense of a hive.
intr.v. sol·diered, sol·dier·ing, sol·diers
1. To be or serve as a soldier.
2. To make a show of working in order to escape punishment.
Phrasal Verb:
soldier on
To continue to do something, especially when it is difficult or tedious; persevere: "As Russia decayed, these Siberians soldiered on, finding ways to live and enjoy life" (Jeffrey Tayler).

[Middle English soudier, mercenary, from Anglo-Norman soudeour, soldeier and Old French soudoior, soudier, both from Old French sol, soud, sou, from Late Latin solidum, soldum, pay, from solidus, solidus; see solidus.]

sol′dier·ship′ n.
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soldier on

(intr, adverb) to persist in one's efforts in spite of difficulties, pressure, etc
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يَسْتَمِر رَغْم الصُّعوبات
fortsætte ufortrødent
rendíthetetlenül tovább dolgozik
halda ótrauîur áfram
çalışmayı sürdürmek

w>soldier on

viunermüdlich weitermachen; two of them soldiered on to the topzwei kämpften sich bis zum Gipfel vor
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(ˈsəuldʒə) noun
a member (usually male) of an army, often one who is not an officer. The boy wants to be a soldier when he grows up.
soldier on
to keep going despite difficulties etc. There have been several power-cuts in the office, but we are trying to soldier on (despite them).
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One day, sitting in his chief petty officer's office, a poster caught his eye promoting a Nijmegen training opportunity with Soldier On, a program which encourages rehabilitation of members and veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces through sport.
Training with Soldier On's Nijmegen team, Power met former combat soldier, Corporal Frank Dupere, who had recently returned from climbing Mount Everest.
Mick Channon enjoys sending his two-year-olds to the seaside and Soldier On's win in the maiden was the stable's third strike in the race in the last five years and followed a win here last Thursday.
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