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 (ground′sĭl′) also ground·sel (ground′səl, groun′-)
The horizontal timber nearest the ground in the frame of a building.


(Building) another name for ground plate



also groundsel

the lowermost sill of a framed structure, esp. one lying close to the ground.
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Tenders are invited for Handling, marking, cutting, surface treatment, fabrication, erection and welding of sampling cell top vover plate, sole plate, base plate and platform, hand railing for shell shielding unit in DFRP Document cost : INR 525 EMD value : INR 6101 Opening date : 23 Mar 2018 Period of contract : 1 month
I'VE 9 been searching for a new sole plate for my Tefal Express Steam Generator Iron GV7150 without success.
By incorporating our new Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP) Technology, along with our proven Flight Control Technology and Movable Weight Technology, into a single clubhead, the R11 gives golfers the ability to adjust their driver to fit their individual needs with even greater precision," said Dr.
A-Line ultra-pro boots are made in Italy to the highest quality, with the company using the finest kangaroo leather and the boots coming in three sole plates - the traditional screw-in studs, moulded studs, and the innovative mixed sole plate.
It also has, if required, a dry-iron facility, a stainless-steel sole plate and a 25g/min steam output of steam for outstanding results.
Key features include a built-in water filtration system and a swing-out filter basket for the coffeemakers; a detachable "textile protector" sole plate for the high-end iron; and a 400-watt motor for the hand-blender, which can crush ice and delicate herbs with equal precision.
Features: 2000 watts, ultraglide sole plate, produces 50g/minute of steam, one-litre tank, suitable for vertical steaming and can be used with tap water.
DuPont Zytel nylon was selected by Nike to make a sole plate tough enough, yet light enough, for sprinter Michael Johnson's shoes.
Then you secure the new wall's head plate to the ceiling and the sole plate to the floor, vertically below the head plate.
The newest Tsunami drivers, the LD 360 and the LD 400, feature a very unique contoured wave design on the sole plate that strengthens the entire shell to prevent energy loss, a speed slot toe that wraps around the entire club head to reduce drag and head flutter and a weight port designed to bring the static target weight of the club to within 1 gram.
2 400 m 2 , 5 cm thick, - sole plate about 2 400 m 2 , 30 cm thick, - sealing sole about 2 400 m 2 , - concrete ceilings approx.