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a. Serious and dignified: a solemn occasion. See Synonyms at serious.
b. Showing or behaving with dignified restraint or earnestness: "Spade's face was solemn except for wrinkles at the corners of his eyes" (Dashiell Hammett).
2. Performed with full ceremony: a solemn High Mass.
3. Made with deep sincerity or invoking the force of religion: a solemn vow.
4. Dark or undecorated: a solemn forest; a solemn hall.

[Middle English solemne, from Old French, from Latin sollemnis, established, customary; see sol- in Indo-European roots.]

sol′emn·ly adv.
sol′emn·ness n.
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High seriousness of manner or bearing:
وَقار، رَصانَه، جَدِّيَّه
alvörugefni; hátíîleiki


(ˈsoləm) adjective
1. serious and earnest. a solemn question; He looked very solemn as he announced the bad news.
2. stately; having formal dignity. a solemn procession.
ˈsolemnly adverb
ˈsolemnness noun
solemnity (səˈlemnəti) noun
the state of being solemn. the solemnity of the occasion.
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The solemnness of the doctor; the loaded pause as the nurse asks: "Is anyone with you today?
As children learned to curb their passions and defer gratification, childhood, like adulthood, came to be characterized by a somberness and solemnness that often seems strange to modern eyes (Reinhardt 33, 46).
Far from appearing celebratory as he sent Mubarak off into "history," his stern tone drew from anger more than solemnness.