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 (sə-lē′nə-dŏn′, -lĕn′ə-)
Either of two nocturnal burrowing mammals (Solenodon paradoxus of Hispaniola or S. cubanus of Cuba), characterized by a long tubular snout and grooved teeth used for injecting venomous saliva into prey.

[New Latin Sōlēnodōn, type genus : Greek sōlēn, pipe, channel + -odon.]


(Animals) either of two rare shrewlike nocturnal mammals of the Caribbean, Atopogale cubana (Cuban solenodon) or Solenodon paradoxus (Haitian solenodon), having a long hairless tail and an elongated snout: family Solenodontidae, order Insectivora (insectivores)
[C19: from New Latin, from Latin sōlēn sea mussel, razor-shell (from Greek: pipe) + Greek odōn tooth]


(səˈli nəˌdɒn, -ˈlɛn ə-)

either of two insect-eating mammals of the genus Solenodon, resembling a large shrew, S.paradoxus of Hispaniola and S.cubanus of Cuba.
[1830–40; < New Latin < Greek sōlḗn channel, pipe + -odōn -toothed (see -odont)]
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Hedgehogs are insectivores, an order of mammals that encompasses a hotchpotch of species from the ubiquitous shrews (Egypt has six species) to the exotic and often bizarre solenodons, tenrecs, moonrats and otter-shrews.
Dr Turvey and other scientists working for the Edge programme recently discovered a population of solenodons living in a remote corner of Haiti.
The insectivores belonged to two very primitive families (solenodontids and nesophontidas), the only survivors of which are two solenodons (alamiquis) (Solenodon cubanus, the Cuban and the Hispaniola S.
Solenodons A skinny, scraggy rat with a Pinocchio-sized snout, the solenodon is descended from the first mammal on Earth.