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The underside of a clothes iron.


(Building) another term for ground plate



the bottom of a flatiron.
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The U Series steam iron models JU700, U550, U500 and U400 feature a big ceramic soleplate allowing the user to cover a much wider ironing area in far fewer strokes, while their ergonomically-designed handle and low height assure maximum comfort like never before.
The Laurastar Lift Plus features a special heat-resistant iron mat, a protective soleplate for delicate fabrics, a steam cord holder and an anti-scale water filter cartridge.
It has a powerful 45g/min steam rate, 40 seconds heat up and ceramic soleplate for smooth glide, plus two stage anti-calc system, a boost trigger for stubborn creases, a 400ml tank for less refilling and the auto shut off feature for safety.
TEFAL innovations like its Durilium Soleplate Technology makes ironing less of a chore due to its smooth glide, so clothes can be ironed in half the time compared to other irons without it.
It has a one-minute heat-up time and small, versatile soleplate.
Precision digital thermostat reaches max heat in just 55 seconds and a pearl ceramic soleplate ensures a smooth glide.
The ceramic EasiPress smooth soleplate has 21 perimeter steam vents.
UKPRwire, Thu Apr 25 2013] In 2012, a new purchase of an iron by consumers was determined by steam output and soleplate finish.
Golfing gear Taylor Made R11s The three areas of adjustability include a rotating hosel with eight settings, two movable weights and a soleplate with five positions.
The Microsteam 400 stainless steel soleplate gives crease-free ironing.
The appropriate pewter medallion is married up to the correct pewter soleplate that results in a well-balanced completed putter.
This Tefal invention features a patented auto cleaning soleplate coated with long lasting active palladium.