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 (sōl-fĕj′ē-ō′, -fĕj′ō)
n. pl. sol·feg·gi (-fĕj′ē) or sol·feg·gios Music
1. Use of the sol-fa syllables to note the tones of the scale; solmization.
2. A singing exercise in which the sol-fa syllables are used instead of text.

[Italian, from solfa, sol-fa; see sol-fa.]
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(sɒlˈfɛdʒɪˌəʊ) or


n, pl -feggi (-ˈfɛdʒiː) , -feggios or -fèges
1. (Music, other) a voice exercise in which runs, scales, etc, are sung to the same syllable or syllables
2. (Music, other) solmization, esp the French or Italian system, in which the names correspond to the notes of the scale of C major
[C18: from Italian solfeggiare to use the syllables sol-fa; see gamut]
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(sɒlˈfɛdʒ oʊ, -ˈfɛdʒ iˌoʊ)

n., pl. -feg•gi (-ˈfɛdʒ i)
1. a vocal exercise using sol-fa syllables.
[1765–75; < Italian, derivative of solfeggiare=solf(a) (see sol -fa) + -eggiare v. suffix]
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, gamut - Solfeggio and gamut are words formed on the sequence of musical notes.
See also related terms for sequence.
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Noun1.solfeggio - singing using solfa syllables to denote the notes of the scale of C major
singing, vocalizing - the act of singing vocal music
2.solfeggio - a voice exercise; singing scales or runs to the same syllable
singing, vocalizing - the act of singing vocal music
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After extensive training with solfeggi (accompanied vocal exercises that offered students their first encounters with twopart counterpoint), students at La Pieta completed written contrapuntal exercises, many of which emphasized adding (often invertible) voices above and below scales and cantus firmi in the successive Fuxian species.
Although a number of printed editions and manuscripts of solfeggi and singing methods bears the label of the former music school of Genoa, at present very few manuscripts contain provenance information leading back to Antonio Costa (24), who, in his capacity as Inspector of the "Carlo Felice" Theatre of Genoa, could have brought to the school manuscript and printed librettos, as well as music manuscripts of operas copied from the originals kept in the theatre itself.
While enrolled at the Bologna Liceo Comunale (between 1807 and 1810), he was steeped in creating music for the opera, studying musical theory and practice (especially counterpoint and solfeggi) with Padre P.
The pronunciation of the vowels having been sufficiently practised in the solfeggi and vocalises, we need dwell no longer on their quantity (as long or short); for a pure pronunciation, free from dialect and sharply articulated, is a prerequisite.
(9) The texts are for the most part liturgical and Marian (for example, "Regina clementiae Mariae" and "Ave gloriosa virginum regina"), but Handschin characterizes the music of these texts as having a secular "melodic flavor" Just after "Sumer is icumen in" on folio 11 there are antiphons and songs, a musical scale, solfeggi, and a calendar and "prognostications," a miscellaneous collection typical of commonplace books.
SOLFEGGI (2.50) will appreciate dropping back to a mile at Pontefract this afternoon.
Although he had some fair form as a juvenile, the son of Tenby did not get off the mark until Ripon last month, when he showed plenty of determination to beat Solfeggi by a length.
An important clue as to the identity of the trios is provided by the Solfeggi Pour La Flute Traversiere avec l'enseignement, Par [Mons.sup.r].