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a. Showing great attention or concern to another: a solicitous parent; solicitous for your welfare; solicitous of his young sister.
b. Expressing care or concern for another: made solicitous inquiries about our family. See Synonyms at thoughtful.
c. Showing great care; careful or meticulous: solicitous in the care of critically ill patients.
d. Worried; anxious: solicitous about his son's behavior.
2. Archaic Full of desire; eager: "an opinion which he had seemed solicitous to give" (Jane Austen).

[Latin sollicitus : sollus, entire; see sol- in Indo-European roots + citus, past participle of ciēre, to set in motion; see keiə- in Indo-European roots.]

so·lic′i·tous·ly adv.
so·lic′i·tous·ness n.
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Noun1.solicitousness - a feeling of excessive concern
concern - a feeling of sympathy for someone or something; "She felt strong concern for those less fortunate"
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The odd solicitousness for Reyes didn't end there: 'This court,' Pizarro added, 'could only hope that he would take advantage [of] and give full faith and meaning to this second lease on life given him.
66) At the same time, she made good use of her connections to the black market--as well as of the solicitousness of some of the German staff--to buy handbags, suitcases, or anything else she and her Munich friends wanted.
They showed patience, concern and solicitousness by saying they hoped I'd get out of the hospital soon," he said.
2005), financial burden, and parent solicitousness (Kroner-Herwig et al.
264) There is no need for special solicitousness for states
The folklorists, men and women, insist that there should be solicitousness for the design and establishment at both formal and informal educational programs concerning the teaching and study of folk culture appropriately and with particular emphasis on its respect, in the broadest sense, taking into account that not only a village and other manifestations of rural operators of the culture but also those created in urban areas with different social groups, professions, institutions, etc.
As her adoptive father Jeff's solicitousness and Sampson's later intervention with the miller indicate, Nancy is obviously part of a community of people who love her and who protect her to the best of their abilities.
The challenges of smalltown life are offset by the pervasive decency of Bakerton's townspeople and the tenderness they show one another, from a schoolteacher who accepts the thoughtful favor of a student she later helps after a vicious attack, to the townspeople's solicitousness toward the mentally ailing heiress of the Baker dynasty.
Despite her lover's solicitousness, there is no evidence that her current heterosexual attachment has replaced in intensity her prior homosocial one.
at Nordstrom or an Apple Store in terms of knowledge, solicitousness, or individual empowerment to go the extra mile for the customer.
20) Despite his earnest solicitousness for the students, this glaring disparity reveals what the national universe would look like, absent the ABA and its essential accreditation role in assuring a level of quality and efficacy in accredited schools.
Although these sentiments defy logic, precisely because of that reason, they also hint at Jimmy's affective and moral sensibilities which are most clearly evident in Snowman's solicitousness for the Crakers and in his guilt for not trying to counter Crake's plans of destroying the world.