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Noun1.solid figure - a three-dimensional shape
sculpture - a three-dimensional work of plastic art
figure - a combination of points and lines and planes that form a visible palpable shape
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With spending ahead of incomes, the savings rate fell to 7.7%, the lowest since last November, but still a solid figure by historic standards.
employers advertised almost 7.5 million jobs at the end of March, a solid figure that signals hiring will likely remain strong in the months ahead.
Both TSMC and Foxconn posted a 5.6 percent rise in their November sales, a solid figure despite reports that ( Apple cut back on orders to reflect the weakening demand for its iOS 12-powered smartphones. 
Focus groups come back saying the same thing - people see her as a solid figure to be trusted on security and guide the country through Brexit, etc, etc.
It last raised interest rates by 25 basis points in September 2014."We forecast the economy to grow at above six percent over the medium term, which is a solid figure by any measure.
Although primarily a painter of landscape, Monet admired good solid figure painting and he also showed a fondness for Renoir nudes, of which three luscious examples are in the show.
Seyfettin GE-rsel from BahceE-ehir University said that though estimates have not yielded a solid figure for the economic costs and their burden on the government budget, there will be a lot of overhead, which will have to be paid for by either tax hikes or further borrowing.
Calculation of the bottom volume of fuel tank, or calculations until 0 point (when the z plane forms solid figure).
The company has attributed the solid figure this year to the contribution its notebook business has made to the overall revenue and business growth.
That is a figure from the Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA) and is a solid figure based on national customs tabulations of tankers unloaded.