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Adj.1.solid-colored - having the same color all over
unpatterned, plain - lacking patterns especially in color
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Zanpack silk digital is for short, premium quality production runs, and the solid-colored Zanpack tinted board.
TEXTILES Think solid-colored velvets, touches of silk and dark-hued sheers.
Raise your fashion game by going for a solid-colored bikini, and feel free to accessorize with a head scarf, bangles and sandals in a variety of prints and colors.
For those who aren't new parents, or friends/parents to new parents or parents-to-be, Pura's Stainless Steel Water Bottles for grownups with their signature wide-mouth tops and screw caps ($15.99) are simple, solid-colored, BPA-free and come with a lifetime guarantee, too.
$8 for an 8- by 8-inch tile (such as this blue-and-white Fez), $5.40 for a solid-colored tile; or 213/482-8070.
Solid-colored or princess-seamed leotards create the illusion of longer lines.
Solid-colored bath towels were discounted 35 percent to 40 percent.
Complementing solid-colored moldings and caulk are available.
Keep in mind that the color of the flooring will also influence the frequency of cleaning; a light, solid-colored floor shows dirt accumulation faster than a dark, flecked pattern.
However, other linens, such as Cameo and Banquet Scroll, are solid-colored year-round damasks that are offered in holiday shades of greens, reds, ivories and golds.

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