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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 29, 2019-: $641 Mn Solid-State Cooling Market - Global Forecast to 2024
ENPNewswire-August 23, 2019--New high-power solid-state satellite uplink amplifier from Rohde & Schwarz launched at IBC 2019
Such demanding users need to take the solid-state drive (or SSD) more seriously when they buy a new laptop.
Rohde & Schwarz will bring for the first time to the Middle East the R&S PKU100 Ku-band satellite uplink amplifier, which combines the strength of solid-state amplifiers and the compactness and low weight of tube amplifiers.
To address some of the shortcoming of conventional lithium-ion batteries, scientists are developing new types, called solid-state and all-solid-state lithium batteries, and in particular lithium-ion conductive ceramics, also called ceramic electrolytes.
Apple's next-generation Apple Watch smartwatch could come with solid-state buttons instead of the clickable ones found on its predecessors.
Alibaba Group's Cainiao Network and RoboSense jointly released G Plus, the world's first solid-state LiDAR unmanned logistics vehicle.
The Evolve 5.5 Solid-State Refrigerator is a high-performance solid-state undercounter scientific and pharmacy refrigerator that is quiet, spacious, environmentally sustainable and responsive to frequent door openings without exceeding target storage ranges.
Auto Business News-July 26, 2017--Toyota to develop solid-state battery for electric vehicles
A solid-state circuit breaker [1-3] is able to switch as fast as voltage or current sensing devices can response to the faulty signal.
Innovations in Optics has introduced the 5000B-500 Solid State Source Driver/Controller to independently drive, control and modulate as many as 20 different solid-state sources, including combinations of LEDs and LDs and even IR VCSEL arrays.

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