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Plural of solidus.
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In the afternoon, at the beautiful theater at Villa Reale, Elisa Bolchi discussed with Sara Sullam, researcher at Milan State University and author of the book Tra i generi: Virginia Woolf e il romanzo (In Between Genres: Virginia Woolf and the Novel, Mimesis 2016), trying to map the territory of Woolf's writing to make it more accessible to "common readers." The day closed with the presentation of the first complete translation of Woolf's short stories, published last November by Racconti Edizioni with the title Oggetti solidi (Solid Objects), edited by Liliana Rampello, also the editor of a rich anthology from Woolf's essays, Voltando Pagina (Saggiatore 2011) and the author of Il canto del mondo reale (Saggiatore 2006).
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They were sold by Bellmans Auctioneers in Wisborough Green, West Sussex, with Roman solidi and Islamic gold coins forming a large part of the collection.
The company's managing directors, Peter Montag and Anton Solidi, owned Ecronova Polymer and funds managed by Aheim Capital, a private equity investment firm.
Wesley Carrington uncovered 159 solidi dating back 1,600 years, described by archaeologists as a "nationally significant" find.
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