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The new services include: difficult homology modeling, highly parallelised docking and modeling/design for biologics and vaccines, modeling and design of large protein or protein/nucleic acid complexes, structure building and refinement for CryoEM and X-Ray crystallography, protein stabilisation and solubilisation (Rosetta and machine learning based), and a range of other services based on Cyrus in-house tools.
Future work in the Poole, Oldroyd and Conway laboratories will focus on how plants can control key processes in root bacteria such as nitrogen fixation, phosphate solubilisation and plant growth promotion.
(2012a, 2012b, 2013) showed that urine addition can lead to priming of soil C decomposition, as well as solubilisation and leaching of soil C.
Most of the herbal feed additives inhibit metabolism of lipid via interfering cholesterol micelles solubilisation in the gastrointestinal tract which decreased cholesterol absorption and increased faecal bile acid and cholesterol excretion (Ahmed et al., 2015).
Plates were left for 15 minutes at room temperature to ensure solubilisation, and optical density was measured at 590nm using MTP reader.
The zone of higher temperature near to weld pool, called partially melted zone (PMZ), is approached by solubilisation maintaining that the cooling rate is high.
90% isolates were capable to solubilised phosphorus, among them an isolate AJ A 2 shows highest (13.35 mg/lit) solubilisation activity.
To promote growth, PGPR use different mechanisms of action such as the production of phytohormones, antibiotics, hydrocyanic acid, lytic enzymes, siderophores, phosphate solubilisation, and nitrogen fixation (Glick, 2012; Souza et al., 2015).
Adsorption and solubilisation of phenols in the hexadecyltrimethylammonium chloride adsorbed layer on quartz and corundum.
The solubilisation of NPN (urea or calcium nitrate) during the anaerobic treatment was more pronounced in the urea treated diet as judged by the lower residual nitrogen content of urea treated hay compared to the nitrate treated hay which recorded higher residual nitrogen content.