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(Astronomy) relating to the sun and the moon


(soʊˈlu nər, sɒ-)

pertaining to or listing the rising and setting times of the sun and moon, phases of the moon, eclipses, etc.: solunar table.
[1805–15;b. solar1 and lunar]
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As chance would have it, the solunar calendar in the back of my latest In-Fisherman magazine showed a new moon near midnight, and a bright red stripe indicated a prime fishing window.
Perusing the stories, we see how the colony became a hub of laboratory medicine where Balfour could test his own solunar theory and others practice Brunonian Doctrine that had died out in England.
BassForecast dynamically adjusts traditional solunar ratings for weather variables that have been scientifically proven to affect largemouth bass feeding behavior to produce a BassForecast Rating (BFR) from 1 to 10 for the next ten days.
Our results indicate that neither the Solunar Tables nor the Fish and Game Forecaster are an accurate nor consistent predictor of wildlife activity," they wrote.
But I did have time to chat with Bernie Taylor of Newberg, who says the Solunar Tables are "complete bunk," then argues that the phase of the moon is the most important factor to take into account when planning your next fishing trip.
Solunar Science--Many anglers plan their bass fishing around lunar, or moon, cycles.
Featuring Solunar tables, barometric data and predictive animal activity, the new device also has the ability to store up to 20 numeric waypoints with five available icons.
The app features the map-based weather, solunar and popular ScentCone wind tool, which help hunters decide where, when and how to hunt.
Solunar Horizon, previously known as the Northern Region Study Group, was one of five Kirklees projects to have received Lottery cash totalling more than pounds 25,000 from the Big Lottery Fund.
Consult the Solunar Tables as to whether you should choose red or black.
Inshore anglers sneaking out before the break of day can experience some of the best fishing available when temperatures are at their lowest, particularly when those times are around the major and minor solunar periods.
He follows solunar periods on the In-Fisherman web app, and favors the full moon.