solvating agent

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Noun1.solvating agent - an agent that converts something into a solvate
agent - a substance that exerts some force or effect
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In aqueous media, DMSO, owing to its chemical structure and physical properties ([[epsilon].sub.r], [mu]), is a more effective solvating agent for pyrene than ethanol.
Hydrodynamic diameter increases depending on the length of the carbon chain with several molecular sizes of a solvating agent.
In the first cleaning tank a mixture of HFE (hydrofluoroether) and a hydrocarbon solvating agent removes the mineral oil from the compression springs.
to market an advanced vapor degreasing (AVD) system combining a solvating agent that dissolves contaminants with a rinsing agent to remove the solvating agent and dissolved soils.
In the first cleaning tank a mixture of 3M Novec HFE (Hydrofluoroether) and a hydrocarbon solvating agent, agitated by ultrasonics and the boiling action, removes gross contamination from the components.
The four-stage cleaning process begins with a non-ultrasonic, co-solvent clean in a boiling mixture of 3M's HFE71 IPA and solvating agent EL20A.
In the co-solvent process, a solvating agent is blended with the Novec HFE and it is the solvating agent that provides the cleaning power, with dirt and oils being retained in the solvoting agent for subsequent disposal.