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 (sŏl-vŏl′ĭ-sĭs, sôl-)
A chemical reaction in which the solute and solvent react to form a new compound.

sol′vo·lyt′ic (-və-lĭt′ĭk) adj.
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(Chemistry) a chemical reaction occurring between a dissolved substance and its solvent. See also hydrolysis
[from solv(ent) + -lysis]
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However, these polyamic acid precursors are vulnerable to hydrolysis or solvolysis and the imidization ring closing reaction releases water, which can lead to delamination from volume change and may hydrolyze the polyamic acid intermediate [20, 21], Such an approach also limits Pis to being cast as thin sheets with little post-synthetic processability for industrial applications.
Various technologies focused much effort in this way: solvolysis [12], pyrolysis [13], and steam thermolysis [14].
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" Composites are very difficult to recycle and the team at the University of Birmingham has developed a process called solvolysis to illustrate that composites can be recycled and used in manufacturing processes with industry.
Composites are very difficult to recycle but the team at the University of Birmingham has developed a new technique using a process called solvolysis.
Professor Leeke and his team developed a technique using a process known as solvolysis to recycle composite materials, a process that is notoriously difficult.