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[Greek sōma, body; see soma1 + Greek aisthētikos, of sense perception; see aesthetic.]
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In spite of being easier to administer, these tasks do not allow the participants to access somaesthetic, vestibular, and proprioceptive information (21,22).
The cave viewers in viewing their films would have employed concepts of appearance and reality, and apparently possibility in the form of subjunctive conditionality as they projected the action of the animals in time within their imaginations, as well as somaesthetic appreciation of the paradoxical emotional experience of real fear at unreal things.
Scholars of philosophy and art offer perspectives on embodiment in philosophy and aesthetic experience, somaesthetic approaches to the fine arts, and somaesthetics in the photographic arts and the art of living.
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I suggest that expressive movements should be discussed only when the basic technical skills have been developed and students are able to consciously consider expressive movements in their music-making through somaesthetic practice.
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In this instance, that cross-disciplinary curriculum reflected the environmental design of the curriculum that via the walking expeditions stressed (children's) somaesthetic (e.g., Johnson, 2007; Shusterman, 2008), movement (Sheets-Johnstone, 2009), experiences (Brown & Payne, 2009).
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