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It is possible that prior treatment with somatostatins may have influenced expression levels by downregulation.
Somatostatin is a centrally acting cyclic peptide that inhibits the effects of the growth hormone somatotropin [11].
Regulation of somatostatins and their receptors in fish.
The role of somatostatins in the regulation of growth in fish.
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Somatostatin (SST) is a cyclic neuropeptide containing a disulfide bond linking the cysteine residues at positions 3 and 14 ([Cys.sub.3]-[Cys.sub.14]).
Both vasopressin and somatostatins have a short half-life.
Effective medications for constricting the sphlanchnic vein include non-selective beta-blockers, somatostatin and analogs, and vasopressin and analogs (Minano & Garcia-Tsao, 2010).
Somatostatins (SS) are a structurally diverse family of peptide hormones that coordinate the growth, development, and metabolism of animals.
(1999) Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) possess two somatostatin mRNAs that are differentially expressed.
Somatostatins (SSs) are a family of peptide hormones that have been shown to inhibit pituitary growth hormone (GH) release.
Somatostatin Analogues: From Research to Clinical Practice