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adj. Archaic
Somber in aspect or in character.
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The sombrous and heavy sound of the billows, successively dashing against the rocky beach at a profound distance beneath, was to the ear what the landscape was to the eye--a symbol of unvaried and monotonous melancholy, not unmingled with horror.
(7) In terms of the sombrous weight of time that Mani Shankar's film Rudraksh invokes, the momentous feats of Rama the godly king during the end of the Treta age would thus be at least 864,000 years before even the commencement of Kali, since the Dwapara age came in between.
There is still a "spirit in the woods," as he says in "Nutting," where his early animism is still apparent, but he has moved beyond classical myth and the conventional moods of eighteenth-century loco-descriptive poetry (the "sombrous pine" of An Evening Walk, the cottage embowered in "dim, religious groves" in Descriptive Sketches) to a more authentic English pastoral mode, (20) but one in which the "murmuring pines" still sing of love and poetry and of nature's care for her own.