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adv. & n.
Somewhere: "I didn't care where I was from so long as it was someplace else" (Garrison Keillor). See Usage Note at everyplace.
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(ˈsʌmˌpleɪs) or


informal US and Canadian in, at, or to some unspecified place or region
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usage: See anyplace.
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Adv.1.someplace - in or at or to some place; "she must be somewhere"; (`someplace' is used informally for `somewhere')
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
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et eller andet sted
ở một nơi nào đó


[ˈsʌmpleɪs] adv (US)quelque part
I left my keys someplace → J'ai laissé mes clés quelque part.
I'd like to go on vacation, someplace sunny → J'aimerais aller en vacances, quelque partil fait beau.
someplace else → ailleurs, autre part
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adv (US inf) beirgendwo; goirgendwohin; someplace else (be)woanders; gowoandershin
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مَكَانٌ مَا někam et eller andet sted irgendwo κάπου en algún lugar jossakin quelque part negdje da qualche parte どこかに 어딘가에 ergens et eller annet sted gdzieś em algum lugar где-то någonstans บางแห่ง bir yerde ở một nơi nào đó 某地
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It is funny that for my entire life, I and everyone else I know have been searching for someplace better to live.
It exhorts us to go do something that shows our support for some them, and typically a them someplace else.
This "charge transfer" ensures that when a donor molecule gets excited by light and lets go of an electron, that electron gets whisked away to someplace from which it cannot return.
Thirty-five years of the shell toe finally came home someplace in Florida.
When Michael Hawley, Dreyfoos Professor of Media Technology at MIT and principal investigator for the "Things That Think" project at MIT's Media Lab, went on sabbatical, he decided to go someplace very different from the high-tech environment in which he lived.
Goin' Someplace Special by Patricia McKissack Illustrated by Jerry Pinkney Atheneum Books for Young Readers (An Anne Schwartz Book), September 2001, $16.00, ISBN 0-689-81885-8, Ages 4-8.
Could Robert have gone for treatment someplace more metropolitan?
Shelley Douglass: "One of the guidelines for nonviolence is that, if you want to go someplace, you have to go by getting there.
"You have the opportunity to have in your wardrobe items that Ivana has in her collection," co-host Bobbi observes, "and that takes you someplace very special." You can, Ivana explains, wear an outfit "to drop your kids off in the morning, go to the doctor, go shopping, put some earrings on and go to a lovely lunch.
Then perhaps you should consider someplace like North Carolina School of the Arts, the School of American Ballet (SAB) in New York, or Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School (PBTS).
I take it into the bedroom and lay it on the bed and wrap more towels around it because someplace I read that newborns get really cold really fast, which makes sense because they have been in the wet oven for a long time, and being born must be an awful shock.